February 2024

New commentary paper with Brandon Ogbunu!

December 2023

Our Galapagos research on host-pathogen interactions with USFQ collaborator Antonio León is highlighted. Thanks to the UNC Galapagos Center for the excellent write-up.

October 2023

New paper on higher-order microbiome interactions with John Guittar, Sarah A. Knutie, C. Brandon Ogbunu!

September 2023

Welcome to the Hoi Polloi lab: Ronin Knies, Eiona Engwall, Gemma Diaz, and Jenna Mayfield!

July 2023

Welcome to Dr. Chase Rakowski who is joining the Hoi Polloi Lab as a postdoctoral researcher!

June 2023

Galapagos science team!

May 2023

New paper on socio-ecological traits driving urban mosquito distributions with Kelvin Chen, Modeline Celestin, Matthew McCary!

April 2023

Major kudos to Carson Loudermelt for an excellent honors thesis defense on the effects of resource quality and pathogen infection on insect immunity.

March 2023

Congratulations to James Brown for receiving the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) to study the effects of microbes on duckweed competition.

December 2022

We are happy to be awarded a seed-grant from the UNC Galapagos Science Center to examine the interplay between global change and host-pathogen dynamics.

July 2022

Hoi Polloi lab is excited to get started in the Department of Biology at UNC Chapel Hill!